Chicadawg Records

Chicadawg Records and Productions and Chicadawg Publishing Company

Formed in 2018, both entities are owned and operated by Regina Davis. Providing one-stop musical production services for song writers, solo performers, bands, lyricists, composers – everything to do with music. Music Publishing, Music Recording, Musical Productions

Chicadawg Publishing Company

The first time the name Chicadawg Publishing was used was in 1998, for a Maryland based, Blues Artist, Reggie Wayne Morris, his first two CD’s are published by Chicadawg Publishing Company: Gotcha Blue Your Blues and Blues Binge. The company was dormant for about five years, reincorporated in 2018. The company also represents punk artists Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats and Spike Polite and Sewage.

Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats, a punk icon, from the pioneer days of NYC Punk. They formed in 1977, after four months of rehearsing, they make their debut at Max’s Kansas City, early 1978. They were (favorably) critiqued in Variety, on their first performance. That review launched them straight away. For more on Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats visit: www.ginaharlow.com

Spike Polite and Sewage, a 1990’s era NYC Punk band was specifically a Thompkins Square Park and East Village band . They represented the “Squats”, and other rebellious and anarchist groups that formed as a result of stark unemployment, high-rents, and clubs closing down. The bands took to the park band shell and nurtured a new counter-culture. The Parks Department tore the band shell down, rather than let them perform there. Riots ensued when they also tore down the tents in the park, where homeless people camped out. For more on Spike Polite visit: www.spikepolite.com

Chicadawg Records and Productions

Chicadawg Records, is a recording company, formed in 2017; producing CD’s, Digital Music, Vinyl Records. It is owned and operated by Regina Davis. Artists signed to the record label include: Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats, Spike Polite and Sewage.

The label has released the CD “The Italian Sessions”, Spike Polite and Sewage, recorded in 2017 in Milan Italy by Professional Punkers.

Chicadawg Productions, is a full-service production company, producing concerts, music festivals, music videos and movies, digital music productions for the internet, music related merchandize, i.e., T-shirts or posters or trinkets and other collectibles. Production of advertisements, commercials, jingles, tag lines, logos and other music related objectives.

The Rock n Roll Fetish Frenzie, is a franchise of Chicadawg Productions. First produced in 2016, in Silver Spring, MD. The Rock n Roll Fetish Frenzie are themed music festival events.